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During this hands-on crystal workshop on personal healing, you will learn how crystals can help balance and harmonize your human energy body. The various stones will be discussed according to the chakras. We will learn how to lay on stones for personal healing and personal grids during this class. Find out how guided meditations and crystal sound impact your mental, emotional, and physical systems. Having these dynamic life helpers as friends is a powerful experience! 

Find out how powerful sacred geometry is when used with crystals. Creating crystal grids with specific geometric shapes will help you achieve your goals. Discover the most common forms of crystal grids and physically experience their differences with the assistance of singing crystal bowl meditations. We will use intention, meditation, sacred geometry, crystals, and healing gemstones to create prosperity, love, and health grids. Suppose you feel a sense of scarcity, financial abundance, success in your endeavors, romantic love, self-love, self-esteem, a loving family environment, friendship, health, or karmic issues. In that case, this course will teach you how to create and charge your crystal grids to improve your life. 


In this workshop, you will:


  • Discover the extraordinary world of crystals and learn all their benefits

  • Learn how to cleanse, charge, and program your crystals for specific purposes

  • Discover how to use crystals to open your chakras and activate your Chi (energy flow)

  • Learn how to create a crystal grid for healing and empowerment




Registration $125